Glamour Paws - Pet Spa & Boutique
                              A fun & cost effective grooming program
                                 to keep your pampered pet happier & healthier!Glamour Paws
  • Less matting of your pet’s coat makes for a happier pet.
  • Less irritation to your pet’s skin makes for a healthier pet.
  • Specialty shampoos are used to bathe your pet, which will help keep your pet healthy, feeling great and smelling, oh so good!
  • Convenient and Time Saver. Drop off your dog while you run some errands or have lunch with a friend. Let the professionals bathe your dog, so you don’t have to.
  • Save Money, because your dog can be bathed as much as you need, for one low price. Yes, that means you can come in as often as you like, whenever your pet needs a little freshening up.
  • More time between full grooming services. Bathing and brushing your pet on a regular basis allows you to stretch out their grooming appointments.
  • Keep your home clean and smelling fresh. Due to less shedding and a much cleaner pet, you now have a much cleaner and better smelling home.