Glamour Paws Pet Spa - Spa Agreement - Weatherford, TX
Glamour Paws - Glamour Paws Pet Spa
1. Glamor Paws requires proof that each pet's Rabies vaccine is current. Glamour Paws requires that each pet be vaccinated against all infectious diseases.  This is not due to any conditions in the grooming salon and you agree you will not hold Glamour Paws liable in the event your pet becomes ill with an infectious condition during or after it's appointment.
2. Glamour Paws is not responsible for allergic reactions resulting from the manufacturer-recommended usage of any products. Although a pet may experience an allergic reaction to grooming products at any time, flea and tick products are associated with a higher incidence of reactions.  Please consult your veterinarian prior to having your pet treated if you have any questions concerning your pet's sensitivity to such treatments.
3. While Glamor Paws follows strict guidelines for the health and safety of our pets, you acknowledge and are aware that the employees of Glamour Paws are not veterinarins and do not have backgrounds in animal medicine and are not expected to diagnose or detect illnesses in the pets that are at Glamour Paws. Glamour Paws is not responsible for any pre-existing medical conditions or any other medical problem(s) that may become affected as a result of the grooming process.
4. Pets whose coats are matted or tangled are often times denied regular circulation and skin stimulation. This leads to unhealthy situations including irritated/discolored skin, sores,foul odors, and even organic matter, like weeds, and spur grass embedded in their skin. Glamour Paws will use use it's best efforts to minimize the effects of de-tangling and de-matting, however,please be advised, de-matting or coat removal on matted pets is a delicate and slow process which may present certain post-grooming risks, including but not limited too: itchy skin, discolored skin ,burns, sores and more. Glamour Paws shall not be held responsible for minor nicks and burns resulting of matted, neglected coats or for irritation caused by coat removal.
5. The health of each pet is Glamour Paws number one concern.  If we feel the safety or well-being of your pet and/or salon associate is in jeopardy. a muzzle may be used or services refused or discontinued.  In case of an emergency, you designate Glamour Paws as agent and understand that Glamour Paws will do whatever is deemed appropriate for the well-being of your pet while in our care.  If your pet becomes sick or injured and requires professional attention, we will attempt to contact you.  However, if we are unable to contact you, Glamour Paws, in its sole discretion may engage the services of a veterinarian and the expenses shall be paid by you.
6. Any pet not picked up by schedules closing time will be transferred to a board site for an overnight stay and be charged to owner upon pick up.